Mini/Restricted access piling

We have the capability of accessing and working within very restricted areas. Our smallest rigs have the capacity to fit through a standard doorway and work within a 2.0m headroom. This ensures we can offer a buildable solution for almost every scenario. Our main techniques for this are as follows:

Sectional Flight Auger Bored Piles

This method allows us to construct augured bored piles using small segmental augers in restricted headroom and still achieve the target design depth of the piles. Depending on the ground conditions concrete can either be placed by being pumped through the hollow stem augers or by open boring.

Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles

This method consists of a thin walled steel casing with a closed lead section being driven using a weight within the casing. These piles are typically driven to a pre-determined set depending on the ground conditions. Additional follow on casings are welding on until the set and or depth has been achieved. Should levels be an issue the casings can be left protruding from the ground, however this is very site dependant. If heave or vibration may be an issue these piles can also be pre-augered to counter this. The nature of the installation of these piles (pile is driven from the bottom below ground level) reduces the noise and vibration typically associated with a driven pile, whilst providing cost saving benefits as minimal spoil is being produced.