Domestic Developments & Local Builders

For Homeowners and local builders undertaking domestic projects is often seen as a very stressful time and a big investment, so ensuring you have the right people for the job is a key aspect to minimise this stress and ensure you are getting a quality service for your money. Here at Specialist Piling we pride ourselves in the fact we can offer a quality service at competitive rates and are happy to assist with your project at any stage in its development.

‘Why does my property need piling?’ you may be wondering. This could be for several reasons, typically this is a requirement made by building control when it is deemed that the ground conditions are unsuitable to support the new structure and risks having unacceptable movement in relation to the existing property. The presence of tree roots within the top 2-3m could also affect the use of traditional foundations resulting in piling being required. There may also be a need for this due to practical reasons or site restrictions.

We can offer support to our clients during the design process to ensure all considerations have been made to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is used for your project. We can also undertake the full foundation design and provide the required calculations, drawings and schedules for submission to Building Control, which enables us to be able to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for your full sub-structure needs.

We understand that the majority of our clients will choose to reside in their property whilst the works are being completed. We aim to work in a considerate manor and keep the client well informed of our progress and provide any support they may need during our time on site, while keeping noise to a minimum and ensuring a safe clean working environment is maintained at all times.