Providing foundation and civil engineering services to the construction industry

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We provide a full range of Geotechnical Services from advice and scheme development through to the design and completion of the works. We strive towards being a competitive, reliable and competent contractor for projects across the UK.

With a wide variety of plant and knowledge to our disposal we can offer a complete piled solution for a large variety of schemes of all sizes and complexities. Our range of equipment enables us to overcome many challenges, these range in size from less than 1T machines which can fit through doorways to large CFA & Rotary equipment. Whilst our teams skills, we have colleagues with over 30 years industry experience, provide best practice solutions.

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    Providing foundation and civil engineering services to the contruction industry.

    CFA and rotary bored piles
    This method is constructed using a string of hollow stem augers which are drilled to a design depth depending on the pile load and ground conditions. Once this has been achieved concrete is then pumped through the auger as it is extracted maintaining a constant head pressure to avoid risk of any voids forming. A pile cage is then plunged into the concrete completing the pile. Find out more
    mini/restricted access piling

    We have the capability of accessing and working within very restricted areas. Our smallest rigs have the capacity to fit through a standard doorway and work within a 2.0m headroom. This ensures we can offer a buildable solution for almost every scenario.

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    Retaining walls & basements
    Retaining walls are used for both temporary and permanent excavation support and are typically used for ground retention in basement construction or slope retention. The main purpose for these walls is to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained whilst the reduced dig is undertaken especially when there is a need to protect any adjacent structures from movement that may cause damage. Find out more
    screw piles
    Screw piles, sometimes referred to as screw anchors, screw-piles, helical piles, and or helical anchors are a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system. Screw piles are manufactured using varying sizes of tubular hollow sections with auger flights positioned suitably for the pile or anchors load providing shaft section. Find out more
    sheet piled walls
    Steel sheet sections with indented profiles interlock (clutches) to form a wall with alternating indents and outdents. The troughs increase resistance to bending. The segments are typically made of steel or another metal. The wall design can be cantilever or propped dependant on ground conditions and retained hight etc. Find out more
    Driven Piles
    Driven piles are the traditional stereotype pile whereby a preformed section is driven (generally by a large hammer but they can be vibrated) into the ground. The section is typically of precast concrete – Precast Driven Piles, steel tube or H section, or Timber. Pre-cast concrete piles can be from stocks or made to order. Suitable lengths are jointed to ease their transport to the site and to avoid wastage. Find out more